The Registration for the O-Phase  Events for the summer term 2021 is now open!


Events and registration: In order to prepare the events, we need you to register for all the events you want to participate in. This is very important! For the Events on Monday and Tuesday you have to register until Saturday night (12pm 13.03.21). For the Pubquiz on Thursday you have to register until Tuesday night (12pm, 16.03.21) and for the other events until Wednesday night (12pm, 17.03.21). Please only register if you know for sure that you will join the event. If you have registered and can not take part in the event, write an Email to



3. It is Game Night Time. What better way is there for getting to know people then having some fun together?

The event will start at 9pm on Tuesday, 16.03.2021 on our discord server.

After a short introduction, you will split up into groups based on the games you are interested in. 

No matter if you are an art talent, geography nerd, natural presentation giver, a secret agent or just a simple psychopath killer, there will be something for everyone.

Had enough of playing one game? Not a problem, options are limitless and change is part of life

So, get ready or be born ready, game night awaits you, register here:




4. The Pub Quiz will take place at 9pm on Thursday, 18.03.2021

The pub quiz is a group trivia quiz, so it is a great opportunity to get to know other incomers!

Boast with your ability to remember weird things and maybe learn something new about your temporary hometown Karlsruhe.

Due to covid the event will be held online. While the quiz will be presented via Google Meets, there will be the possibility to communicate with your team in the ESN-Karlsruhe Discord-Chanel. The links for both will be provided on the day of the event.

We look forward to you join us for this event!

Register here:




5. The Beer Tasting event will take place at 8pm on Friday, 19.03.2021. The link to the google meets room will be sent after the registration.

We will try several types of German beers and learn more about the long history of the Germans most important cultural asset: brewing and drinking beer.

You can either buy the beers on your own or get a Beer Tasting package from us the day of the event from 4 to 5pm at the ESN office. For this Event it is best if you are already in Karlsruhe. If are not in Karlsruhe, you can still participate and try to buy similar beer types in your home country.

You will receive all further information after registering here:





6. The Weißwurst Frühstück event will start at 10am on Saturday, 20.03.2021 on our discord server.

What better way to finish off the week than with a hearty sausage breakfast!

The Weißwurst Frühstück is originally from Bavaria, the neighbouring federal state of Baden-Württemberg, and consists of white veal sausages, sweet mustard, a pretzel and of course - BEER!

In the event itself, We will play some traditional Bavarian music, show you how to eat the sausage properly and give you a little introduction to german cuisine

You can either buy this breakfast pack on your own or buy it from us the day before the event (19.03.21) from 4 to 5pm at the ESN office. For this Event it is best if you are already in Karlsruhe. If are not in Karlsruhe, you can still participate and try to buy a similar type of sausage in your home country (try Aldi if you have it in your country).

You will receive all further information after registering here:





7.  The Beer Pong Tournament will start at 8pm on Staturday, 20.03.2021

We all love playing beerpong, but in these times we often can´t enjoy playing it with our friends. But don´t worry - ESN Karlsruhe has your back! Offering our Online Beerpong Tournament in O-Phase 2021, you can now show off your beerpong skills again!

So how does it work?

First of all, you have to register your team. You can join the tournament in a team size of one or two players. Please fill out the form once per team.

The number of teams is limited to 16. So be quick  and register now!

More than that, you need to have the right equipment. That means you must have at least 12 cups (min. 0,4l, or the classic red cups), two table tennis balls and enough beer. We play with one 0.33l beer per person and round.

As a special service we offer you a starter pack, so you´re good to go. It includes cups, balls and beers, and you can choose if you want to have it in the registration form. You can pick it up at the ESN office from 5pm – 6pm on the tournament day.

We will have the tournament on ESN Karlsruhe´s Discord server, so make sure you have Discord installed and have joined the server before the tournament starts. The link to the server as well as the game rules will be shared before the tournament starts.

Register here: