Welcome to Karlsruhe!

Dear incoming students, Welcome to Karlsruhe!

This is the official website of the Orientation-Week (O-Phase) for international students of the summer semester 2021. Here you will get the latest news about the Orientation-Week and about student life here in Karlsruhe.

The O-Phase is one week that is planned and organized by the student group ESN Karlsruhe and the International Students Office (IStO). The O-Phase is the start of your year (or semester) abroad here in Karlsruhe!

Right now, we expect that the whole O-Phase is going to be online. If the regulations in Germany will allow it (which is probably not the case, but nobody can tell), we will also try to organize in-person events.

We will try to offer a variety of fun online events where you can get in contact with all the other foreign students coming to study abroad in Karlsruhe. You will also get to know somethings about Karlsruhe, the university and student life in Karlsruhe.

For now, we cannot give you a more precise info, but we are also kinda stepping in the dark what the next weeks will bring.


When does the O-Phase start?

The date for the O-Phase is 15.03. - 21.03.2021.


Join our facebook group to get in contact with all the other students: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1786863218119302/