Cultural Events

State Theatre (Staatstheater) and Opera House (Oper)

As a student you get a discount of up to 50 Percent. There is also a special offer for any unsold tickets: Come one hour before the show is starting and you pay only 8 Euros for Opera and Ballet and 6 Euros for Drama. For more information, please see here.


If you are interested in drama and comedy you might as well check the current programm of Kammertheater Karlsruhe. They sometimes offer student tickets as well, just go there and ask.


ZKM (center for arts and media technology) is a pretty interesting museum for modern experimental arts. Nice thing is that on Fridays from 2 pm on, entry is for free. Anytime else, you only pay 2 euros for a ticket if you show your student id. You can find ZKM here.

Visit Karlsruhe Palace for free

Every friday from 2 pm to 6 pm you can visit the permanent exhibition in the palace for free. Going on the top of the tower at the palace is also for free and you will get a beautiful view of the city and the surrounding forest. One might even see the beginnings of the black forest. Please be aware that the tower closes already at 4.45 pm.
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Are you tired of parties and just want to lean back and eat popcorn? Karlsruhe has several cinemas that show the latest movies. Beside the bigger cinemas such as ZKM Filmpalast, Schauburg and Universum City you might as well have a look at the AFK. This is a student organization that presents movies in the Hertz-Hörsaal (a lecture hall at KIT Campus Süd) for a low price.



  Outdoor Activities


The Turmberg is the monument of Durlach. It is certainly worth a visit. If you fancy, you may ascend the hill from the bottom. There are about 800 steps to climb. For a more comfy ride, you might take the railway up to the top. At the top, a great view towards Karlsruhe, the Rhine valley, the Black Forest and the Palatian Forest is expecting you.

Parks to hang out

Karlsruhe has a lot of parks you can go to which is really nice to relax from your last hangover, play games or hang out with friends. If it's warm and sunny you will never be alone. The biggest one is the Schlosspark in the back of the castle. Please be aware that having a barbecue is not allowed there, you might get told off for it. Right next to the Schlosspark and the castle is the Fasanengarten which has more shadowed areas and barbecues are tolerated here (make sure you throw all your litter away afterwards). If you want to see other parks just get your bike, drive through Karlsruhe and you will definitely find a place where you want to hang out.


Around Karlsruhe there are a lot of quarry ponds that got digged out the last decades. Nowadays a lot of them are open for swimming and some even offer beach ball fields, barbecue and water sport activities. A selection of lakes around Karlsruhe can be found here.

Soccer fields

Finding a proper soccer field in the summer that is not completely crowed can be quite difficult sometimes. Unfortunately the soccer field that belongs to the university can not be used privately. One option to play there is if you take part in the Uniliga, which is a soccer tournament that takes place during the lecture period. Be aware that you have to sign up for it in advance. If you just want to play with a couple of friends casualy, here is a list of soccer fields.

Tour de Vogel

If you love biking and having some lovely beer, this might interest you. Biking to the Vogelbräu breweries in Karlsruhe, Durlach and Ettlingen and drinking some beer, you will get one beer for free at the last brewery. More information can be found here.

Cycling and hiking

You want to get out of the city center and enjoy the nature around? There are a lot of hiking and cycling trails around. The best way to find one is Outdooractive.


  More Events

Especially in the summer there are a lot of festivals and events happening that you shouldn't miss. The easiest way to find them is Facebook, the city's event calendar and the booklet Inka. It is all about culture and arts. You will get it for free in various pubs and shops. You also get it here online. And obviously don't forget the great events we offer for you.