None of this would be possible without the voluntary work of the ESN members, who are regular students just like you. So if all this sounded interesting, or if you would just like to learn more about us, why don’t you just stop by during one of our regular meetings?

During the semester, we usually meet every Tuesday at 7:30 pm. As we already said, everybody can join us – and yes, that explicitly includes international students! Since our office isn't big enough to host our meetings, we usually meet in room 005 in KIT building 50.20 (“Alte Kinderklinik”), or — if the weather is nice — on the lawn in front of the building. If you are not sure how to find us or if we are having a meeting that week, you can of course always contact us here.

Oh, and by the way, if the arguments above did not convince you yet: At our meetings we also have cold beer, and the first one is always free!


Hint: During lecture free time, we have our meetings only every second week. You want to come over to a meeting? Than just contact us at and we will tell you when we are meeting. Join us!