You can't wait for a nice chat with friends at a local Beergarden? Then this is your event! Come join us for another Stammtisch at Voglbräu :)

The event is limited to 30 persons, due to the space at the location. So be fast and get registered - first come, first serve :) Your registration is binding. If you can't come, please let us know by Monday so that others have a chance to get a place.


Since the Covid - regulations changed, you are only allowed at the event with a valid Covid - Test, recovered from a Covid - infection or vaccinated. You can get the tests done around the city (e.g. at the VTEC Schnelltestzentrum at Brunnenstr. 5, close to the restaurant), it mustn't be older than 24h and of course it needs to be negative. If you got your second shot of vaccine at least 14 days before the Stammtisch, you don't need a test. Please bring you're vaccination pass in this case. If you recovered from a Covid - infection, you can come as well. Please bring the necessary documents to proof it.


We can't wait to have another nice evening with you!

When: Tuesday, 31th August 2021 at 8.30 pm
Where: Kapellenstr. 50, 76131 Karlsruhe

Registration link:

31/08/2021 - 20:30