From 09.02.2023 to 11.02.2023 we will once again go skiing together in Mühlbach am Hochkönig, Austria.
Even if you never skied before, you can join! There will be ski instructors who can teach you.

What's the plan?

We will have 3 days of skiing in Austria (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) from the 09.02. to the 11.02.2023. The bus will be leaving Karlsruhe on Wednesday night (08.02.2023). 
Due to the increasing prices for the ski pass (lifts) everybody gets a 2-day ticket (for the first 2 days) and on the last day, its up to you whether you want to buy another 1-day ticket or alternatively, do a Glühwein hike in the snow (totally for free). With that flexibility we can offer more people to join for a lower base price, which will probably be about 260€ this time.

We know it's still a lot of money, but for skiing in Austria with all-inclusive, bus and an own cabin, its actually a really good offer. So, throughout the trip you can decide spontaneously on the last day if you want to ski another day or go hiking with us. We will take some music and Glühwein with us and walk through the snow with an amazing view of the mountains.

To get a better idea of what to expect watch this aftermovie:

09/02/2023 to 11/02/2023