join the ESN running dinner on Monday, November 14th! We start at 7pm until ~11pm.

What is a running dinner?
An excellent opportunity to meet new people and show your amazing cooking skills! You will have a three-course meal in different apartments throughout the city. You and your teammate will prepare one course (starter, main or dessert) and host 2 other teams in your flat for your assigned course. You will enjoy the other two courses in different apartments, prepared by other people. So each dinner will be a unique experience 😊

How does it work?
Please fill out the registration form with all the necessary information, so that we can plan the dinner. You sign up in groups of two people.
You will receive an email in advance that will specify if you are responsible for the starter, main course or dessert. Additionally, we will specify if there are any food intolerances you have to consider. Apart from this, you can be creative: Traditional, your favorite dish or something new! The Email also contains the information about your guests and the location and hosts of the other two courses. To offer drinks with your course is not mandatory but surely appreciated by your guests.

Who can participate?
Everyone! You can also ask your roommates or other friends if they want to join. If you don't have a partner yet, reach out in the Incomer Whatsapp group! One of you should be able to fit at least 6 people at a table.

Can I decide who will be my guests?
No, you can't. That would defeat the point of the running dinner. This way you will dine with new people and experience an amazing night!

Until when can you register?
The registration will be open until Thursday, November 10th, 12pm.

Registration link:

14/11/2022 - 19:00