You want to improve your German writing skills and collect some Karma points at the same time? We got the perfect project for you.

With the COVID-19 restrictions in Germany many elderly citizens in retirement homes can not be visited by their loved ones or they do not have any friends or family left. In Cooperation with the ABS Seniorenresidenz in Karlsruhe we started a project to get in touch with those lonely residents and brighten their day with a small gesture.

The idea is that you write a letter in German language addressed anonymously to either an elderly man or woman. We collect those letters and, if you want to, check them for spelling and grammar mistakes and send the corrected version to the retirement home. You can choose whether you want to give the senior citizen the possibility to send you a letter back. You can basically write about whatever you want, and your level of German does not matter either. We just want to let the residents know that somebody thought about them.

For every letter you send ESN Karlsruhe will donate 2€ to a retirement home.

If you are interested and want to participate sign up here until the 16.05.2021 and you will receive more information:

If you want to take part in projects like this in the long term, there is a great initiative called 1letter1smile. They do not have a network of retirement homes in Germany yet, but in many other European countries they do.

09/05/2021 to 16/05/2021
ESN Karlsruhe