Due to the restrictions of the government to stop spreading the Corona virus we had to cancel most of our events. For this period of time we have a Digital platform and digital events. It doesn't matter if you are an International here in Karlsruhe, an INternational who wanted to come to Karlsruhe, an ESN people, friends of ESN people, or even other ESN or International people from other ESN sections. You all can use our digital offerings. We will give you all necessary information here. Just try them out :-)

If you have any questions or ideas for new online offerings / games / platforms, just contact: vorstand@esn-karlsruhe.de


Our digital offerings:

  • Gaming Night

Because being lonely is especially unenjoyable during these trying times, ESN Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Konstanz have teamed up to host a shared Game Night next Tuesday. Grab a nice drink, turn on your Computer and join us for a night of games, conversation and laughter.

To join the ESN Stuttgart Discord, use this link:

Date: Every tuesday, 8 pm

We’re looking forward to having some virtual fun with you all ♥


  • Online-Sprachcafé

Social Distancing is no reason not to improve your language skills.
We're moving our language café to our discord server :


Date: Every monday 7 pm to 9 pm

We will be using the Stammtisch voice channel as a general hangout and use the other channels to speak in what ever specific language people want to speak in


  • Discord Server

Do you want to meet up with ESN Karlsruhe guys or other Internationals? Meet them in our discord server. There are several channels. Just try them out! :-)



  • Social Media

--> Facebook

Follow us on Facebook and receive all news and events: https://facebook.com/esnkarlsruhe/

--> Instagram

Follow us on Instagram and find our virtual tour in Karlsruhe: https://www.instagram.com/esnkarlsruhe/


  • Bierkränzchen

If you are meeting your friends, family or grandparents for coffee, you call it a Kaffee-Kränzchen in Germany. In Karlsruhe we love it to drink beer! So let's meet online for a Bier-Kränzchen! :-P

Date and time: Will be announced soon! :)


  • Making music togehter online with others

Ar you sitting at home alone and want to make music together with others? Is this even possible? Yes! There is an online platform that makes it possible for free! https://jammr.net/

Let's try it out and play music together! All you need is an instrument or microphone and you need to install the software. Contact us at info@esn-karlsruhe.de and we will bring you together with others!



Stay at home and help to stop spreading the virus! Thank you :)

Your ESN Karlsruhe