Who are these crazy people?? - We are the fantastic board of ESN Karlsruhe ;)

If you have any questions or problems just contact us via mail, facebook, phone call or just in personal :)


Hey, I’m Sina and I‘m studying International Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe. I joined ESN after my stays abroad in England, France and Canada which all were simply amazing. In order to experience these international cultures also in Germany, I have become a member of ESN where I would like to share my experiences with students that love other countries as much as I do.
Funfact: Being a “Hochschüler” is not as bad as it sounds.
Mail: sina.ulbricht@esn-karlsruhe.de

1. Vice-President

Hey! My name is Henning and I study Mechanical Engineering at the KIT. In 2019 I joined ESN as an O-Phase-Tutor and I stayed, as spending the semester with students from all over the world is so much fun! After my Erasmus in Finland I joined ESN again. Since last year I have been involved as a board member to enable the incoming students to have a great semester in Karlsruhe as well as giving students from Karlsruhe advice for their upcoming exchange semester.
Funfact: In Finland I became Vice-Sauna-Beerpong-Champion
Mail: henning.miller@esn-karlsruhe.de

2. Vice-President

Hey, my name is Robin and I'm a physics major at KIT. After my semester abroad in Stockholm, I decided to join ESN, because of the warm welcome I received in Sweden. I want to help  create an equally great experience for foreign students in my home town of Karlsruhe.
Funfact: I postponed writing this for waaaaaay too long
Mail: robin.wittmann@esn-karlsruhe.de


Hey I’m Erik, I study mobility and Infrastructure at KIT and I’m a member of the ESN-Section since 2018. I already did Erasmus twice. In Lithuania and Hungary. Which were two truly amazing experiences. So obviously I want to stay connected to the international community and do some voluntary work as the ESN-Karlsruhe Treasurer. If you have any ESN/money questions you can contact me any time!
Funfact: I’m leading a double life as an Ikea furniture peace – yes there really is an Ikea item called Erik Drawe(r)
Mail: erik.drawe@esn-karlsruhe.de