Who are these crazy people?? - We are the fantastic board of ESN Karlsruhe ;)

If you have any questions or problems just contact us via mail, facebook, phone call or just in personal :)




Hey, I’m Cedrik and I study chemical engineering at KIT. For me participating in ESN is like an exchange semester but at your home university. Well, apart from organizing the events yourself :D But seriously, the wonderful people you meet from all around the world and the fantastic memories you make are extraordinary. Whenever I help with an event and speak with the participants who are happy to be there, it’s rewarding. That’s why my drive is to create the opportunity for exchange students to experience a brilliant semester abroad in Karlsruhe. 

Funfact: I can fall asleep in an instant.

EMail: cedrik.luetkemeyer@esn-karlsruhe.de


1. Vice-President



Hey, I'm Franzi and I study industrial engineering at KIT. When I came back to Germany from my semester abroad in Tallinn in 2022 I became a member of ESN, organized the O-Phase and then joined the board. After having an incredible Erasmus semester myself (thanks ESN Taltech IC ❤️), I would like to make the same possible for all incomers in Karlsruhe. 

Funfact: I'm (a little) in love with soccer and Formula 1. 

EMail: franziska.hohlweck@esn-karlsruhe.de

2. Vice-President



HEY! My name is Daniel and I study mechanical engineering at KIT. My ESN-experience started already in my first semester of university at the sweet age of 18. Some orientation weeks later, I became local board member. Then and now I like meeting new people, making friends and share experiences that will last forever.

Funfact: I haven´t done any Erasmus yet

Email: Daniel.Eckert@ESN-Karlsruhe.de




Hey, my name is Calvin and I’m studying mechanical engineering at the KIT. I’m half German and half French. I spent two years in Metz, as part of an Erasmus and a double degree program. I can’t quite say I was to a foreign country for my Erasmus, thus I look forward to meeting erasmi from all over Europe in Karlsruhe !

Funfact: I sound like Chewbacca when I yawn

Email: Calvin.Winter@ESN-Karlsruhe.de