Who are these crazy people?? - We are the fantastic board of ESN Karlsruhe ;)

If you have any questions or problems just contact us via mail, facebook, phone call or just in personal :)


Hi :) I'm Corinna and I study chemical and process engineering at KIT. I joined ESN Karlsruhe in March 2017 after my Erasmus in Sweden. I love the international community and therefore like joining all our events and represent our section at national and international events.
Funfact: Found love thanks to ESN <3
Mail: corinnanuesse@esn-karlsruhe.de

1. Vice-President

Hey! I am Oliver - just call me Olli. I am studing computer science at the KIT and I am at ESN since September 2018. I really like our ESN section ESN Karlsruhe because you can take part and organize a Lot of fun activities and meet a Lot of interesting people. In our section I am the IT guy - so if there are some questions for the Website, Mail, Facebook or whatsoever - just contact me ;)
Funfact: Loves potatos :D
Mail: oliver.dietz@esn-karlsruhe.de

2. Vice-President

My excitement for the Erasmus experience started when I did my own year abroad in Madrid. I honestly spent the most amazing time there. Coming back to Karlsruhe, I really wanted to stay in the international and open minded environment which makes every exchange so special. As a member of ESN Karlsruhe, I get the chance to help others having the time of their life, too.
Funfact: I once ran a marathon in a rubber duck costume
Mail: simon.korz@esn-karlsruhe.de


Hey! My name is Adrian, I'm studying Mathematics and joined ESN in summer 2017. I really enjoy the intercultural atmosphere during our events and meeting a lot of different people outside of my studies.
Funfact: Baking expert in raspberry muffins and cheesecake
Mail: adrian.fischer@esn-karlsruhe.de