Alright, bad news first: The KIT (IStO) itself does not provide any accommodation for international students. Therefore, you will need to take care of that yourself. Unfortunately the housing situation in Karlsruhe is quite tensed (as it is in most German cities). However we hope that the following tips will help you to improve your chance to find a place to stay.

First, check with the student’s union (Studentenwerk). They have some student dorms which you can apply for online.

  Other dormitories

Then, there are a handful of private/self-managed dorms. The chances to find a room here are often better. On how to apply for these, please have a look at their respective web sites.

  Independent online platforms for housing

These websites provide private advertisements for flats or flat sharing apartments:

KIT is offering an online apartment-market place. You can use it to look out for flatmates or to search the flat offers.

  Newspaper advertisement

Another option is to place an advert into some local newspapers or look for an advert.

  • “Badische Neueste Nachrichten”: daily newspaper, best day to place an advert is on Wednesday and Saturday.
  • “Der Kurier”: for free, on every Friday
  • “Karlsruher Anzeigenzeitung (AZ)”: for free, on every Wednesday
  • “Karlsruher Anzeiger”: for free, on every Wednesday and Friday

We strongly recommend you to look for a flat in time. Your application for a dorm room should be placed six months ahead your stay in Karlsruhe. If you prefer living in a flat sharing apartment provide one or two months for looking out.

If everything seems to fail, you might find some place at the youth hostel or at the “Gästehaus Kaiserpassage” for a few days.